The Broker Sinclair Team

The Broker Sinclair Team

The Broker Sinclair Team

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Everything you never knew you needed to know About Me


If you follow my blog or facebook posts you’ll quickly learn that I’m an open book.  I say what I think and keep it honest.  Many of my video blogs have Kool-Aid in them as a joke to make light of myself NOT spewing out all the skewed real estate statistical garbage that some spew.  If the market is not good, I’ll be the first to tell you.  If there’s a real deal you’ll see it in my passion for what I am selling. 


Born in rural West Tennessee, I’ve been a Realtor since 1998.  I fell in love with real estate while watching a real estate infomercial when I was 16.  I saved all the money I could and bought my first rental house when I was 18.  I lost $10K on it when I sold years later but that’s a different story.  A good friend showed me how I could make a living helping other people buy and sell something that I was passionate about.  That seemed like a no brainer.  Today I continue sharing my passion with others and earning a living along the way.

Amanda and I moved to Coeur d Alene in 2005.  Amanda had grown up here and she wouldn’t stop talking about Coeur d Alene and how amazing it was.  When I moved here I didn’t know anyone.  I went from not knowing anyone in town to the top selling agent in a company with 150 agents in 3 years.  Sometimes when you have a passion for something like I do, you just can’t help but to share it!  I really do love my job.

Amanda and I have 5 amazing kids; Four princesses that have Daddy wrapped and my oldest is Alexander.  He still asks for just one little brother!  We love raising our family in Coeur d Alene.  This place truly is a wonderland for families.  The majestic mountains disappear into the crystal clear waters of Lake Coeur d Alene and Hayden Lake.  My favorite two days to be in Coeur d Alene are without a doubt the 4th of July and the Friday after Thanksgiving.  On both of those days the night sky lights up with fireworks over Lake Coeur d Alene.  They are great days to call Coeur d Alene home.  In the winter we ski at Schweitzer Mountain or Look Out Pass.  Both are within an hours drive of my front door!  On hot Summer Days we hang out at the beach or Silverwood Theme-park. Both in my backyard!

If you like what you’ve learned “About Me” and you’d like to know more then let’s stay connected.  You can become a facebook fan, follow me on Twitter, or pick up the phone and hit a brother on my hip @ 208.818.8385.  I can’t wait to share my passion with you.

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